aCLUB Card is a universal savings card accepted at the majority of Yerevan’s most popular venues. With aCLUB you can collect points equivalent up to 7% of your every bill at any of our partner venues including Mr. Gyros, JAZZVE, etc. Please click here for the full list
We have decided to take that offer even further and introducing our new FREE service – Corporate aCLUB card.

What is aCLUB corporate card?

aCLUB Corporate card is specially designed for companies and corporations to help in organizing events and celebrations. The corporate card will be credited with extra points each time any team member uses his/her card at any of the partner venues. Your corporate card can also be used at company lunches and days out to accumulate even more points.


Who can benefit from aCLUB corporate card?

Any company or team within a company that likes socializing and out of hours team activities. Points accumulated on the corporate aCLUB card will help paying for many company events like New Year Parties, Birthday Celebrations and days out. Work-life balance is very important in building efficient teams. Get the aCLUB corporate card and take some of the financial burden off your company’s social activities.

How it Works?

Get a corporate card
1. Encourage your team members to get their FREE personal cards (Optional)
2. We will assign individual cardholders to your corporate plan
3. Each time an individual card is used, your corporate card will be credited with extra points.
4. Use your corporate card when paying bills at company lunches or after hours activities to get even more points.

Be the first to take advantage of this new free service. For more details about our offers and discounts please click here to visit our website.

To apply simply call our Corporate Team on +374 11 770880 and we will setup everything for you.

Best Regards,
aCLUB Corporate Team

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